The laboratory supports the following laboratorial exercises:

1) Solar Energy

2) Biomass

3) Fuel Cell

4) Wind Energy

5) Hydroelectric Energy

For the elaboration of the laboratory exercises is used the required laboratorial equipment. This equipment is:


  1. Experimental layout including 1W wind generator  and photovoltaic  SIEMENS SOLAR GmbH 55 Wp, with incorporated current and voltage meters. The device includes one converter-regulator (SOLARIX 550 RI Fronius) for charging the 44Ah battery.

  2. Solar pump SUN PEARL with photovoltaic panel SIEMENS SOLAR GmbH 10 Wp.

  3. Experimental layout of H TEC electrolysis and  fuel cell.

  4. Autonomous photovoltaic system for irrigation with photovoltaic panel Siemens 35Wp, lead battery, electrical  valves, 220V/24V and 12V/220V transformers, 12V electric pump and regulator for charging the  battery.

  5. Layout for bioethanol and biodiesel production.

  6. Educational hybrid system constituted from 2 photovoltaic panels SIEMENS SM55, 1 regulator for charging SOLARIX TAROM 245, 1 wind generator RUTLAND 503, 1 Data logger for the Tarom 245 TARCOM and 1 rectifier bridge currency measurement at the Tarom 245 SHUNT HS200.

  7. Hybrid system for electrical energy production witch includes 1 AIP 403 wind generator made by Southwest Windpower, 6 photovoltaic elements 100Wp, 2 AC/DC converters FRONIUS 900I, 1 charging regulator SR30, 24 batteries EPZS 240 SOLAR, 2 digital voltmeters 8588 DEGATON, 1 PCI card from NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, current and voltage sensors for batteries, wind generator and photovoltaic panels.

  8. Devices for measuring wind and solar potential and environmental parameters.

  9. Portable tripod meteorological station for meteorological parameters measurement

  10. Portable hygrometer-thermometer and hotwire anemometer

  11. Infrared thermometer

  12. Energy consumption measurement equipment

  13. Open loop solar collector

  14. Closed loop solar collector

  15. Echelon Node and network development kit for building energy management systems

  16. Wind tunnel (under construction)


  1. WASP

  2. TRNSYS 16

  3. ENERGY-10


  5. COMIS

  6. METEOTEST:Meteonorm

  7. PV-SIZE (Software for sizing of aeolian and photovoltaic installations)

  8. Visaul DOE 4