Design and Management of Renewable Energy Sources

Type of course


Teaching hours per week

2 Theory and 2 Laboratory

Typical semester


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Specialized course

Aim of course ...

... is to give the basics for the  calculations of wind, solar and geothermal potential so that this knowledge shall become a tool for planning electric energy systems. This laboratory's subject relates also with technical-economical analysis and studies of feasibility.

Exercises of Laboratory

  1. Aeolian potential calculations in complex ground

  2. Energy production calculation from a wind generator and wind generator arrangement

  3. Production and arrangement of wind generators at an aeolian park

  4. Technical-economical analysis of investments in small autonomous aeolian systems

  5. Cost accounting, technical-economical analysis and premeditation of expediency at an aeolian park

  6. Energy balance-sheet of residence supplied with electric power from a  small autonomous aeolian  - photovoltaic system